We know each other. Digresija is a band. Progres is a album


We are not horsepower on the plate of talanted consumers of entertainment, which sells as an archive of video records.

U daljini

Who we are

Liberalism is the attempt to free human organs of the brain's control. We do not agree to simple manipulative tasks, instead we brainstorm how to in one second use all available energy towards a task which makes us exceptional and which changes us individually. That's why we are the band called Digresija. From the first day we reject the shell of unchangingness and create with no fear of other's expectations or conditional love.

U daljini



Maksi singl.Progres.


Early Works

Digresija started in 1989 in Belgrade as a grup of close friends.
After a period of personal and collective drama in 1994 the band records their first album on cassettes titled "Lice ulice" - MY-011, which was published by Sloba Selena and his publishing house "Music Yuser"from Novi Sad. The band recorded the album in the composition: Goran Pajkić, Vladimir Adamović, Nenad Šarac i Dragan Marković - Škot. The same year Digresija opens for Novi Sad band Boye at KST, along with anywhere they got the chance to across Serbia.

In early 1996 in the studio Akademija the band records a signle with two songs "Rat i brat" and "Velika voda", produced by Aleksandar Radosavljević and recorded by Nikola Vranjković. The same year the band plays at the festival of alternative rock in Aranđelovac where they win their first award.

In 1997 the band appears on the compilation "...Ovo je zemlja za nas... - Radio Boom 93 (1992-1997)" - D011 in the edition published by Radio92.

In the autumn of 1998 the band enters the studio and records the album titled "Superalbum", whose release date was planned for 1999, but it never happened. The band recorded in the composition: Goran Pajkić, Vladimir Adamović, Nenad Šarac i Goran Racić. Recorded by Aleksandar Radosavljević and produced by Nikola Vranjković.

New age

In 2016 the band continues making music in the composition: Goran Pajkić, Vladimir Adamović, Ljubiša Savković i Nikola Radivojević. At the start of the year the group came up with the maksi singl title "Progres", which conatins three songs. Produced and recorded by Nikola Radivojević, and guest appearances from Nevena Filipović i Branislav Pipović.

During 2017 Digresija is in the studio recording their third album.